Monday, December 30, 2019

Episode 6: How Metrics Got Their Groove Back

Thank you everyone for an excellent start for the podcast. We are humbled at hitting almost 400 followers on Twitter and almost 1000 plays from our first five episodes. You, the community, make this happen and we are happy that this resource has been valuable.

This episode of Detections we have a bunch of news that we bring up as the Christmas holiday season was busy! We cover more about Ring, a new honeypot-like program from the FBI, the dangers of uploading to VirusTotal, Empire is now being maintained again, and many others. Our topic this episode on security metrics as it relates to SOCs and security operations teams. Capacity modeling generic guidelines, knowing your audience, and tracking your actual work are some of the key topics discussed. The detections of the week are related to Powershell and how Powershell is used in most organizational environments. 


Darktrace and mimicking analyst's intuition with Artificial Intelligence

FBI IDLE Program

Ransomware adding blackmail to the list of crimeware services

Proposed standard for Canary Warrants and Seppuku Pledges

Cell Phone Tracking

Empire now under support again

How the United Arab Emirates was collecting information through Totok

Social Media and politics interactions



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